Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my sweetHOney

This is my lovely niece’s picture…her name zehra qistina and zulaikha,,so pretty damn cute like her untie..hehe..what d people untie like niece..huhuhu~~I luv n miss them damn much..i was snap dis pic when my niece’s besday celebration…2years old.. seems like she so happy on that time…very adorable niece..she call me “IBU” huhuhu..every my semester break, im never forget to buy some cloths to them,,so nice..haha
Im going to take my practikium on jun 1st…. so I be able to spent time with them as much as I want..:-)..

they make my life almost perfect..huhu..not prefet yet, becoz I want to hav my own child..huhu..but that time maybe take a long time coz, im still single and still searching for those who can make my life hapy,definitely`~..
hahaha..the sound make me so cheers in d WORLD..ibu…ibu….”I want it” I said…u want honey??….she said: I want!!!! cute!! I always miss the way they talk and look to me…. I CAN DO everyhin for them..huhu

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